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Our Projects


CVTA (Commercial Vehicle Tracking Application) is an extremely powerful software that is combining the capabilities of ridesharing apps with the power of the good old dispatching systems.

CVTA utilizes the GPS signals to locate the fleet vehicles, track, dispatch, and report the location to the main servers as well as enforcing the business rules that were set by the administration of the system. For those commercial vehicles (i.e. hotel shuttles, crew shuttles) that mobile apps (iOS, Android) cannot be used, it employs the integrated OBD-II devices on IoT infrastructure to locate, track and report back to the servers. For the environments, without reliable GPS signals, we have developed a Wi-fi localization technology in collaboration with WIRLAB at the University of Toronto.

Mobile Wi-fi Locationing System

This project was a successful collaboration in 2016 between ReserTrac Inc., Futurebound Co. and University of Toronto’s WIRLab supervised by Professor Shahrokh Vallee, to develop and test Wi-Fi-based vehicle localization and tracking solution that does not require any reader/antenna field equipment and may be easily deployed where GPS signal coverage is not available. 
In the process of this project, the team developed a Wi-fi based localization system for vehicles to be implemented within outdoor spaces where no reliable GPS signal is available (i.e. heavy constructions such as public parking & airport terminals). This technology would need the minimum number of Wi-fi hotspots to identify mobile devices and calculate the location of a vehicle in such environments with very high accuracy. It is unfortunate that by release of Android 8.0 later in 2017 which introduced new limitations regarding WiFi scanning, this project never got a chance to be commercialized. 


Do you have a need to monitor the vehicle traffic within a property or area that you oversee? Our Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) solution uses one or more network-connected or ‘IP’ cameras, along with our software to identify and record the license plate number, along with a time and date stamp, for any vehicle that comes into view.
We adjust for lighting, object identification and orientation to maximize our optical character recognition. All of this is how we can identify individual vehicles, and allow you to monitor the frequency or duration of their visits. Do you want to track the volume of vehicles coming or going from an area? Know the average speed of vehicles passing through your properties? Receive a warning if a particular vehicle returns? Predict someone’s schedule based on past observations? 
An ALPR system can provide many benefits for an organization with limited means for controlling vehicle traffic. With our system’s low barrier of entry, it is an easy decision to begin taking these on for yourself and improve the monitoring of your properties.

Custom Solutions

Our team of experts have vast experience in the following fields
•    Web Enterprise Applications
•    Database solutions
•    Artificial Intelligent
•    Data Mining
•    Natural Language Processing (NLP)
•    Agent Based Architecture

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