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ReserTrac Inc. was established in 2008 and has been providing tracking and transportation software solutions to clients in the airport and ground transportation service industry from their Mississauga location since then. ReserTrac is proud of the excellent quality of the solutions they have delivered to Ontario’s largest airport limousine company as well as to the largest airport in Canada, Toronto Pearson Airport.

ReserTrac has become a ‘Vendor of Record’ with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario and is prepared to assist with technical solutions to over 15,000 Ministry vehicles. Through the partnerships developed with these and other clients, ReserTrac has positioned itself for growth in Canada and the United States. ReserTrac along with very few other companies in North America is authorized to receive information from TNC companies and report back to the airports with the requested information and various reports.

At ReserTrac we set the standard in quality!

The ReserTrac family of products include, among others, Reservations, Tracking, In-vehicle (Android Tablets), and dispatching. Also developed by ReserTrac is a real-time reservation through website and smartphone apps (iOS, Android platforms). These robust solutions are providing the clients with modern, cost-effective, real-time solutions affording them the ability to achieve their business objectives and position them at the forefront of their industries. And not only do we build these solutions for our valued clients we provide 24-hour support and maintenance for all our products (cloud-based and others). ReserTrac has recently successfully deployed a pre-arranged, web-based, reservation solution at Toronto Pearson Airport with more than 8,000 registered drivers, 7,000 vehicles, and 1,500 companies participating. This solution replaced a cash-based, labour intensive process with a real-time cashless automated system helping to cut staffing costs of several thousand dollars a year. The system allows a registered driver or company to book a client pickup online and to be summoned instantly by text message, email, or automated telephone call systems. The airport now has valuable data from numerous system-generated reports allowing them to strategically manage this important piece of Groundside revenue. ReserTrac has partnered with other organizations to provide clients with a complete portfolio of services including systems integration, testing, and project management along with the latest technological advancements. These partnerships have allowed ReserTrac to provide its clients with end to end solutions while working with a single, well-informed team. Below is a list of the ReserTrac family of products (available on the cloud or standalone servers)

  • User operated Reservations

  • Real-time online reservation systems

  • Dispatching

  • Zone mapping

  • Price Mapping

  • Tracking systems

  • Roll Call applications

  • Doorman Application – allows designated users to summon vehicles in high volume areas

  • In-Vehicle applications – to be installed on almost all recent Android tablets that could be purchased by clients on their own convenience and price range

  • Real-time payment processes

  • Mobile Device Management System (App-locker) prohibits drivers from modifying apps or surfing the internet on the In-Vehicle tablet

  • Wi-Fi availability inside the vehicle

  • Real-time vehicle location tracking and monitoring for emergencies or theft

  • Web engine generated reports

  • Pre-arranged, cloud-based systems (Toronto airport model)

  • Vehicle speed tracking

Many of the above components are available as standalone software solutions or they can be packaged and used simultaneously allowing clients to tailor the solution to their individual needs. Our dynamic team of users and developers are looking forward to expanding our applications to integrate with accounting systems and the mobile world. The next generation of ReserTrac online dispatching software will be released soon and will be compatible with all browsers and with any smartphone. The competence and experience we bring to ensure that we deliver excellent services and products. We employ only experienced professionals with a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills.

Some of Our Products

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